What is the cause of too much baby’s eye feces?

What is the cause of too much baby’s eye feces?

Causes of excessive baby feces include eyelash growth problems, nasolacrimal duct hypoplasia, and infections.

If it is caused by hypoplasia of the nasolacrimal duct, the mother can massage the baby’s nasal bridge every morning to open the nasolacrimal duct; if it is caused by infection, it is best to ask a doctor to check and cooperate with the treatment to improve the symptoms.

  Although Lingling, who is more than 6 months old, can only babble, sometimes she has big talking eyes.

When telling a story to her mother or singing to Lingling, she always uses her round, watery eyes to stare at her mother and interact with her. Therefore, staring at Lingling’s eyes is the happiest day for her motherThings.

However, my mother recently found that Lingling has a lot of eyes and yellow eyes, especially in the early morning. What’s going on?

What causes it?

  Causes of too much baby’s eye feces Due to the strong metabolism of newborns, naturally there will be more eye feces than adults.

However, if there is too much ooze and it is sticky, it may be caused by eye lesions. Parents should pay more attention to it and cannot ignore it.

If left untreated, it will affect the vision development of the newborn.

Generally speaking, the causes of babies with too much eye waste can be roughly divided into the following four aspects: Eyelash growth problem in baby 2?
When you are 3 months old, you may wake up in the morning with some eye feces. This is because during this period of time, the eyelashes of the baby are easy to grow inward, and the eye balls are stimulated by friction, which causes eye feces.

Until about one year old, the baby’s eyelashes will naturally expand and grow, and the symptoms of eye waste will gradually decrease.

  Bacterial infections cause germs in the mother’s birth canal to infiltrate the baby’s eyes when the baby is delivered from the mother, causing the infection.

In addition, neonatal feces are sometimes a manifestation of conjunctivitis. If the caregiver usually has poor hygiene habits, touch or wipe the baby’s eyes with unclean hands, or someone at home has conjunctivitis, because he uses a washbasin.Towels, such as towels, can cause your baby’s eyes to become infected, which can cause excessive eye waste.

  Nasolacrimal duct is about 4%?
6% of babies have tears soon after birth, and are accompanied by many eye feces and eye congestion.

Investigating the cause is often caused by the nasolacrimal duct failure, because after the tears are secreted by the lacrimal gland, they must pass through the punctum of the lower eyelid near the nose, lacrimal duct, lacrimal sac, nasolacrimal duct, and finally excrete to the nasal cavity.

However, if tear excretion is blocked and cannot be smoothly discharged, it will accumulate in the lacrimal sac, and gowns cause dacryocystitis, tears, excessive eye shit, and red eyes.

  Physical factors If the baby’s constitution is manic, and the body is prone to heat buildup, which is commonly known as “getting angry”, it is often accompanied by symptoms such as fear of heat, easy sweating, dry stools, thick tongue coating, and more eyes.

Therefore, in addition to drinking plenty of water, breastfeeding mothers should eat less food that is easy to get angry, such as barbecues and fried foods.

  How to clear the baby’s eye feces There are eye feces in the baby’s eyes. In addition to affecting the beauty, it can also cause discomfort. How to clean up the baby?

For infants and young children, the cleaning of all parts of the body depends on adults to do the work.

When mothers clean their eyes for their babies, in addition to taking a gentle approach, how to prevent the baby from feeling uncomfortable and achieve the purpose of dirty cleaning requires the patience and care of their parents.

The following is a reference for parents regarding the cause of eye shit caused by different reasons.

  Caused by complications of nasolacrimal ducta.

For infants less than 6 months of age, parents can first try the “massage” method to help clear up.

First, the parents wash their hands, use the index finger to draw a circle (recommended to cut nails, obesity and accidentally hurt the baby’s eyes), from top to bottom, massage from the lacrimal sac to the nasolacrimal duct (that is, massage the sides of the nose bridge) for one dayMassage 3?
4 times, 5 times each time?
6 times.

It is recommended to do it every time before changing the diaper for your baby, it is not easy to forget.

  The main purpose of massage is to contract, squeeze out the secretions stored in the lacrimal sac, and the lacrimal sac tube is unobstructed, which can reduce the production of eye secretions and the chance of infection.

Most of the ends of the nasolacrimal duct can be relieved after using massage.


If infants older than 6 months are surgically treated, if the massage is not effective, other complications of nasolacrimal ducts, severe tear overflow, or often cause inflammation, or even severe dacryocystitis, consider “nasal tears” at this time.”Tube detection” opens or further processes the lacrimal duct.

The later you go to the doctor, especially if you are over 2 years old, it will be difficult to cure with a needle puncture. At this time, you must accept the operation.

  Caused by infection a.

Drug treatment: Follow your doctor’s instructions, take antibiotic eye drops every 2?
Once every 3 hours, instill eye drops 1 in the injected eye each time?2 drops.

But keep in mind that mothers must wash their hands when they help the baby with eye drops, and cause the baby to become infected.

Home care First, the mother washed her hands, then took a clean small square or disinfected gauze, and soaked with normal saline or boiling cold water.

Cover the index finger with a corner of the towel (or gauze) and gently wipe it from the eyes (corner corners) outwards, but remember not to wipe it repeatedly. Use the four corners of the towel (or gauze) alternately.

If all four corners have been used, wash the towel (if gauze is replaced with a new one), and then repeat the previous steps to clean the baby’s eyes.
  However, if you have severe conjunctivitis, you must directly rinse with normal saline and cotton swabs to clean the impurities.

  Don’t let the window of soul be harmed. “The eyes are the window of soul.”

  Parents should always pay attention to the baby’s eye condition. When the eye secretion is too much, wash and wipe from time to time to make the baby’s “watery” eyes bright and healthy.

When the mother cleans the baby’s eye shit, the strength should not be too strong, just wipe it gently to avoid harming the baby’s eye skin.

Cleaning tools should replace sterilized gauze or cotton swabs and should be used only once.

In addition, repeated wiping around the eyes should be avoided, so as not to increase the chance of bacterial infection of the baby’s eyes.

  In addition, parents should also be reminded that although the newborn’s metabolism is strong, the eyes will be more than adults.

However, if there are too many symptoms such as thick, dense, red eyes, it is better to ask an ophthalmologist to help the baby to do bacterial culture of the eye secretions, check the true cause, and then treat the symptom, so as not to miss the baby’s eyes.Health, slenderness affects vision development.

  Summer is approaching, and under the high temperature and heat, it is also the season for conjunctivitis, which can easily cause the baby to have too much eye feces, so parents should pay special attention to avoid the baby’s “soul window” being hurt.