Novice fitness weight loss program considerations

Novice fitness weight loss program considerations

With the increase of life pressure, it becomes more and more hot to exercise through fitness. Many people choose to lose weight through fitness. Today, I will share a scientific novice fitness weight loss plan to help you complete your weight loss plan scientifically and reasonably!

  Preliminary: warm up If your physical fitness can not keep up or your weight intake, the speed of the treadmill can be set at 6.

50 to 7.

Between 00 (depending on your height, short, heavy, and correspondingly slow down) The purpose is to prevent being prevented from being crushed by your own weight.

Then run for 10 minutes and walk for 5 minutes, and then extend it gradually through the increase of physical fitness.

  Step 2: Doing sit-ups after aerobic exercise is also based on your own situation. Some do 15 groups and take a rest for 1 minute. There are four groups in total.

Slightly, your legs are arched, your hands must be placed behind your head. When you get up, don’t touch your legs all, slowly fall when you fall, and don’t put them all down. It’s important to tighten your body, because you are training the abdomen, not the spine.…… Step three: Strength training. Finally, do equipment training under the guidance of the gym coach.

If you have a large body weight, you should choose a training program that is light in weight and frequent.

Do n’t worry about the muscles developed during exercise. You look more “stronger”, because people who lose weight will have less muscle content, and muscles will be lost during sweating. So equipment training can only prevent your muscles from becoming too fast.Churn.

  Novice fitness weight loss precautions: First, 40 minutes is the best time to exercise. Many people will stay for several hours as soon as they arrive at the gym. They will not feel addicted if they connect all the equipment again. This will easily lead to fatigue and muscle aches., A little carelessness will cause sports injury.

For fitness novices, 40 minutes is enough. You can jog for 15-20 minutes, exercise for 10 minutes, and do some gentle training.

  Second, wear jogging shoes and thick-soled socks to exercise. Many people often wear flat shoes or canvas shoes when exercising. Such shoes have thin soles, and novice foot muscles are inclined, which can easily cause cramps or sprains.

Therefore, for the first time, it is best to choose jogging shoes, training shoes or platform socks.

  Third, muscle training, supplementing food within one hour after fitness is important for novices with different fitness purposes, and diet is also important. For example, people who practice muscle should eat carbohydrate-containing food within one hour after exercising. Rice is good.s Choice.

For those who want to lose weight, it is best not to supplement food within an hour of exercise.

  Through the above sharing, I hope to provide a reference for everyone’s fitness exercise.